(Really quite a terrible waste of your time)

Bees serenading world leaders playing baseball: 1234
Bees serenading a sofa, a banana, and each other
Bees bumping into stuff and doing a figure eight


Singingbee Hesitation Waltz

Singingbee Hesitation Waltz:

Left foot steps side, right foot steps together, left foot steps side with right foot lifted slightly off ground and weight on left foot. Left foot then steps down in place, right foot steps together, left foot steps side, then right foot does rocking-step back where left foot comes off ground and weight transfers to right foot then back down to left foot. Body turns back to start position, and repeat with left foot step side. Singingbee, Inc. is not responsible for any injury and/or embarassment that may result from attempting to do the singingbee.