Vivek Chadaga is a writer, editor, and designer living in Minnesota.

About me

Curriculum Vitae (last updated March 1, 2008)


Editing experience

Development editor, Center for High Impact Philanthropy (06/08-Present)
Content editor
, McKinsey&Company, New York (08/01-Present)
Freelance editor, Singingbee Inc., Saint Paul, MN (08/95-Present)
Managing editor, Clinical Laboratory Reviews, Boston, MA (01/98-08/01)

Web development

Russian Studies (academic website) (artist website)
MGH Pathology Service (clinical/academic website) (personal website)
MGH Online Laboratory Manual (searchable database - see article)
SurveyMatic example (Flash-based survey tool)
Collage Art (artist website)

Visual design samples

Make Your Own Avant-Garde Art (Flash-based art project)
Most Wanted (artwork for poetry cards)
Safety Net (newsletter logo)
Providing Answers (t-shirt graphic)
Pathology Services (marketing brochure)
Nabokov (course poster)
Russian Culture (course poster)
Clinical Laboratory Reviews (journal design and layout)
ds-RNA (cover illustration for Transfusion journal)
Dicer (illustration for article in Transfusion)
Toxicology (lecture announcement)
Thrilling Tales (lecture announcement)
The Bird Flu (lecture announcement)
Waveform non-ICU (conference poster)
Wrongdoing in Russian Literature (course poster)
New England Lab Consortium (brochure)
Viral Infections (lecture announcement)
Screening (lecture announcement)
Instances of Revolution (course poster)

Writing samples

Eating in the Dark (nonfiction)
Dead Letters (short story)
Left Arcana (short story)