Hi Mani -- Have fun at your new school!

Your Stuff

My interviews - 8/24/2009

I made four interviews -- Bindu, Apoorva, Grandma, and Grandpa. I got very good answers to my questions. The best question was "Would you like a cookie?" The second best question was "What was school like when you were my age?" Sixty-six years ago they didn't have computers.

My new bike - 11/2/2008

I got a new bike with training wheels. Then I learned how to ride it with the training wheels off. I was going ten miles per hour, but it felt like I was about to fall down. But I didn't fall down.

Worms Update

Did you miss the last Worms concert? Well if you did, you can still come to the one on Saturday, June 7th, 2008.


I'm making a movie. I was putting a Big Bounce on it, which is like the Big Bang. I love movies so I actually want to make one and burn it onto a DVD.


I invented a number -- it's called "halfinity". Halfinity is half of infinity. So if you need to say "Half of infinity cats bit their toes," you can just say "Halfinity cats bit their toes."


I like seeings cats. When I see one, I show them a shoe. COLOR CAT

The Worms

I made a band and it is called "The Worms." So if you want to look for The Worms, just come and see them on 8/5/2007. They are coming out with a new album soon.

About Fleebonia:

There are kickers in the ocean because they like to swim. They have to watch out for Pickles, which are things that can eat anything they want. The Pickles don't like water at all. So the Kickers are safe in the sea.


I play soccer! It's really fun. It's every Saturday. I like protecting the goal. So when I protect the goal then I get a chance to KICK it away! Then the other guys in orange (my team's color) get to kick it to the other team's goal.




Show and Tell

Captain Cook
Fluorescent Rocks
Jasper Johns
Louis Armstrong
Lions Hunting
Moon Phases
Periodic Table of Elements
Snakes and Ladders
Why Does the Sun Shine?
Multiplication Table
Addition Table