Russian Glass Exhibit

18th C. bottles
18th C. wine glasses
Zertsala (18th C.)
Crystal Bed (19th C.)
Crystal Palace (19th C.)
Design of Lenin's sarcophagus
Variants on Lenin's sarcophagus
Kremlin star under repair (20th C.)
Poster (20th C.)*

*(Note: lightbulb in the original is not lit up)


Dr. Julia Bekman Chadaga is currently Associate Professor of Russian Studies at Macalester College, in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Curriculum Vitae [Last updated June 2011]
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The Language of Glass and the Transformation of Vision in Modern Russia (1.8MB)

Abstract and Introduction
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Creative Writing

Cloud Art (short story)
Look Up (memoir)
Unoriginal (screenplay - treatment)
Ice Thief (screenplay - summary)



Course Posters


Instances of Revolution

History and Literature